Keep our kids pure

There is nothing more incredible than the day your child is born. They come out of the womb in the most incredible, pure state and as mothers we feel a great responsibility to protect them from any and all danger ahead.

Unfortunately, the world our children are born into is becoming more toxic and dangerous every day. U.S. chemical companies manufacture over 9,000 different chemical compounds every year, many of which have not been fully tested to determine their effects.

While the human body is designed to detoxify chemicals, the overall toxic burden has become so great that our bodies are having a hard time keeping up. Our children pay the biggest price because they are still developing and their tiny bodies are exposed the same toxins as a full grown adult.

This is a problem. There is a reason the amount of childhood illnesses are growing at a rapid rate. We can’t rely on the current systems in place to protect our children from harm; it’s time to take matters into our own hands.

As a busy mom we make split second decisions all day long. If you are anything like me, a typical grocery store visit with two kids feels more like a trip to the race track. I jet down the aisles, trying to keep both kids safely in the cart, trying to grab everything from my list while avoiding a meltdown (sometimes from the kids and sometimes from me!). We probably make a hundred split second decisions in one trip to the grocery store, and a thousand by the end of the day.  All of these decisions add up to the total sum of who our children become and what they are exposed to.

I would like to teach you to make decisions that will reduce the toxic burden on our kids and help preserve their purity. I want to empower moms to turn their home into an oasis, where kids can safely play and grow. Trips to the grocery store will become opportunities to fill your children with the greatest defense against these toxins.

In every instance of my life, I have been most impressed and influenced by moms. Moms have an innate ability to empower others and create change. I encourage you to make it your personal mission to reduce your family’s toxic exposure and ensure a future of health and wellness.

Follow me and I’ll show you how.

Yours in Health,

Natalia Lazarus

Founder, Generation Pure