Raising Strong, Healthy Kids

Raising Strong, Healthy Kids

Healthy Body:

Get your kids involved in food early. Teach them how food grows and where it comes from. This is a good exercise for parents too (Mom, where does spinach grow?).

Eating clean and organic food takes extra planning and preparation but it’s always worth the effort. Preservatives and dyes have been linked to a variety of health issues including hyperactivity, allergies and even cancer. Processed foods aren’t worth the risk to their young, developing bodies.

Healthy Space:

If you can make one change to reduce the toxic burden on our kids, do it in the bedroom. Kids sleep 12 plus hours per day and the air quality in their bedroom will have an impact on their overall health. Consider organic bedding and mattress, cotton PJ’s to protect them from flame retardants and a high quality air filter.

Healthy Mind:

We usually relate toxins to chemicals found in products but a toxic mind can be just as damaging. Kids need love, play and a stress free environment. Think of ways you’ve learned to cope with stress and frustration in your adult life and give them those same tools.






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